Electrical Machines Lab:
Electrical machines lab provides the essential facility to the students to augment their concepts about the fundamentals of the transformers and Rotating Machines. It is well equipped lab to provide experimental and hands on experience to the under graduate students as a part of their course curriculum. The students are exposed to the detailed study of characteristic and operational aspects of different electrical machines, i.e. DC Machines, AC Machines, Transformers etc. through hands on experience with real machines students gain practical experience all of rich help to increase the technical skills of students.

Control Systems Lab:
Control systems curricula are often viewed by students as theoretical and highly mathematical students are often unable to relate the theory of applications in the real world. The obvious solution to this problem is to include lab experiments in the control curriculum. The experiments for the control lab are selected based on the topics for the co-requisite lecture class so that they cover basic principles. They include modeling, analysis, simulation and design of control systems.

Power Electronics Lab:
This lab aims at importing practical outlook for conversion of power from one form to another form. The introduction to different types of switches and their applications, design of circuits for power conversion and their applications of the primary goal of the lab. The students can further use the knowledge thus gained for various real life applications renewable energy system design.

Electrical Circuits & Simulation Lab:
The Objective of Electrical Circuits laboratory is to impart hands on experience in verification of circuit laws and theorems, measurement of circuit parameters, study of circuit characteristics and simulation of time response. It also gives practical exposure to the usage of CRO, Power source, function generator & etc.

Electrical Measurements Lab:
The Significance of Electrical Measurements Lab is renowned in the various fields of engineering applications. For an Electrical Engineer, it is obligatory to have the practical ideas about Electrical Measurements. The main objectives of this lab are to expose the students to different types of electrical measuring instruments, to make the students understand how to use these instruments for measuring an unknown quantity and to calibrate & test different types of electrical measuring instruments.